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Blogs: commentary, descriptions of events, or graphics or video

“Stay up to the minute on the latest news and developments from Washington, from the White House to Congress and everything in-between with the best political reporters from CBS News and”

Transcripts, videos, streaming video, e.g. Rep. Anh "Joseph" Cao, the Vietnamese-American Republican who represents New Orleans said “. . . During the Samurai days, we just give you a knife and ask you to commit harakiri."


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Micro-blogs: short blogs          

videos, pictures, updates, e.g., President & Chairman of BP America Lamar McKay posted on June 15 . . . from house hearings, "Have confidence we'll know what happened. We'll learn from spill, make improvements to industry & make them quickly."

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Social Networking: a web-based community

videos, pictures, updates. Postings from BP President Tony Hayward, e.g., his statement to
United States House of Representatives, Committee on Energy and Commerce

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Events: facilitates offline group meetings in various localities


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Wikis: software that enables creating and editing interlinked web pages via a web browser


“Don't forget, Wikinews is written by people like you! If you find a topic you want to see Wikinews cover, why not create an account and write an article on it?”


Article  photos, hyperlinks,  and discussion board. 


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Media Sharing: online platform for distributing images, text, applications, videos, audio, games and new media


This is the official YouTube channel for BP America. Videos of BP President Tony Heyward on NBC, CBS, etc.


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Virtual Worlds: computer-based simulated environment


 BP had a counseling site for employees to report ethical and compliance concerns and had established a training university in Second Life.